Many people talk.
Many people claim.
For Brenda STAR*, it’s all about getting
*RESULTS* for her clients.

Dr. Dennis Wee
President, Dennis Wee Group

Brenda is a hardworking and responsible person that can be relied upon to complete a given task. Her friendliness, professionalism and quality of service towards her clients are commendable whether you are selling, buying or renting a property, you will find Brenda very approachable and helpful.

Chris Koh
Vice President
Dennis Wee Group

Brenda left a very deep impression on me when I first met her. The first time she shook my hand and smiled at me I felt that she was trustworthy, warm and knew that she would excel in the real estate industry. As a friend and colleague, she’s always smiling and staying very positive as if nothing could stop her.
When you need a warm, friendly and sincere real estate consultant for your next real estate endeavor, Brenda Star* is the one to go for!

Donald Yeo
Chief Trainer, HSR Realty

Brenda is that rarest of realtors, possessing an uncanny sense of the market, with a knack for nailing down the best deals for her clients and above all, a person of utmost integrity. She has helped us secure our dream home in record time, showing a sensitivity to our needs that was unparalleled. Go with Brenda Star. You’ll feel at home before you even know it!

Mr. Benjamin Chong
June 2018