My husband, Albert and myself had been on the hunt for a landed property between February 2009 till May 2009 as we observed that property market in Singapore and decided to purchase our first property during this period wherein property prices (particularly landed property) dipped.

We tried several agents from other local agencies such as Orange Tee, ERA and went to launches of properties, which we thought would suit our budget and needs. However, these agents were either inefficient in finding properties which fit our criteria or were too complacent in their services. This means that we had to initiate meetings, request for updates of our queries and initiate arrangements to view houses/ properties rather than the reversal. We were extremely frustrated with the slow progress as we intended to take advantage of the timely dip in property prices to purchase our first property and were worried that we would miss the opportunity.

It was by word of mouth referral that we came to be introduced to Brenda. On our first meeting, we were relieved that unlike other agents who had been complacent and negligent in their services, Brenda was aggressive in initiating viewings of properties, which fit our criteria and requirements. She was systematic in arrangements of the viewings through scheduled time slots of properties in the same area and was assertive in negotiations with home sellers. As a result, on our first viewing, we found the property which we thought suited our needs and bought the landed property on the day itself.

Thus far, Brenda has extended her follow up services and we have since recommended her to our family members and friends who are looking to purchase, rent and/or sell properties as we have trust in the quality of Brenda’s services.

Mr. Albert Koh
July 2009